Many things inspire me, but sometimes when getting caught up in the daily grind, the wonderful ideas get lost in the muck and mire. When this happens I finding taking little adventures helps to rejuvenate my creative spirit.

The past several weekends I’ve taken a couple of quick adventures to jumpstart my waning motivation. Talking to new people, seeing fresh sites, and immersing myself in cool places seems to work every time. Last weekend I took an over night trip to Grandbury, Texas. Grandbury is a cute little town a bit southwest of Fort Worth. It’s on a lake and close to the Brazos River. The town has a nostalgic feel to it, with it’s quaint town square surrounding the old Court House. There are a variety of shops and restaurants and a wonderful Bed and Breakfast called The Nutt House. This is where I stayed. The building dates from the 1800’s and is purported to be haunted. The trip was a spur of the moment idea, which are always the best! A sense of excitement overcame me as I decided Saturday morning to get in the car and drive west. Well southwest. I quickly decided on Grandbury after looking up day trips from Dallas and haunted historic hotels. They had one room left so I booked it and set out on my way. When I arrived, I went to my room. After reading about the hotel and my room in particular, I discovered that it was supposed to be the haunted room. Cool! I hoped I see or hear something interesting. Alas, no such luck. I actually slept very comfortably in a beautiful bed. The room was decked out with antique looking furniture, transporting me to the late 1800’s. I enjoyed the trip a lot, and plan on taking more mini-adventures in the future.


Welcome to!

In this blog I will experiment with different artistic skills. Skills such as drawing, painting, cooking, and writing. But also skills such as thinking and perceiving in new ways.

I am fascinated with creativity and the creative process, and will explore these topics in this blog as well.


“The use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.”   – Wikipedia

The plan is to learn these various skills and then see if I can apply them to create something new and unique to me. I will try different teaching methods and report back to you what does and does not work for me.

This for entertainment purposes only as I do not claim to be an expert, in fact just the opposite.

This is where you come in. Follow along with me and try the skills out for yourselves. I encourage you to explore your own creativity and I hope you will comment on your experiences.

I would like to create a community of people who like the idea of learning something new and then talking about it.

So, stay tuned, the first creative endeavor is in the works!