Art Emboldened

So, after attempting some sketches, a lot of sketches, I had a bit more confidence to try some painting. I love color, so I was excited to try this out.

Here is one I did in a class. It was fun because we went on a meditative journey to find our spirit animal. Mine was a horse. I thought oh no, that is way to hard to paint. But I got some help with it and it turned out ok.It was painted on a round piece of wood. I really enjoyed this as a support because the wood absorbs the paint easily. It becomes saturated with the color. It’s very satisfying. After this I was encouraged, so I tried some things on my own. I found these images online and tried to copy them.I found getting a good line difficult in painting as opposed to drawing. I needed to focus on more that one thing at a time, both line and shape. It was a fun challenge! I posted these on facebook and got support from my friends. I have great friends! They allow me to indulge in this form of support seeking. LOL. You too can do this. These are skills you can learn and as I’ve said there are a lot of resources out there. Take one of those Paintings with a Twist classes. I want to do that too. It all gives more joy to life.

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