Many things inspire me, but sometimes when getting caught up in the daily grind, the wonderful ideas get lost in the muck and mire. When this happens I finding taking little adventures helps to rejuvenate my creative spirit.

The past several weekends I’ve taken a couple of quick adventures to jumpstart my waning motivation. Talking to new people, seeing fresh sites, and immersing myself in cool places seems to work every time. Last weekend I took an over night trip to Grandbury, Texas. Grandbury is a cute little town a bit southwest of Fort Worth. It’s on a lake and close to the Brazos River. The town has a nostalgic feel to it, with it’s quaint town square surrounding the old Court House. There are a variety of shops and restaurants and a wonderful Bed and Breakfast called The Nutt House. This is where I stayed. The building dates from the 1800’s and is purported to be haunted. The trip was a spur of the moment idea, which are always the best! A sense of excitement overcame me as I decided Saturday morning to get in the car and drive west. Well southwest. I quickly decided on Grandbury after looking up day trips from Dallas and haunted historic hotels. They had one room left so I booked it and set out on my way. When I arrived, I went to my room. After reading about the hotel and my room in particular, I discovered that it was supposed to be the haunted room. Cool! I hoped I see or hear something interesting. Alas, no such luck. I actually slept very comfortably in a beautiful bed. The room was decked out with antique looking furniture, transporting me to the late 1800’s. I enjoyed the trip a lot, and plan on taking more mini-adventures in the future.

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