Grapevine the Sequel

I’m back! Grapevine is one of my favorite places. The quaint old town area, the lake, and the trails. I had lunch at my favorite place in Grapevine, Big Fish Grill and Bar. Today I had the Lemon Pepper Salmon, with hush puppies and mixed veggies, and of course (Forgive me my transgressions), Pecan (pronounced PEEEcan) Pie. Delish!

After lunch, I headed over to Grapevine Lake. It was a beautiful blustery day with the sun shining brightly. I watched sailboats, people parasailing, and people flying kites. I picked up a couple of interesting rocks for a mixed media project (more to come). All in all this has been an inspiring day. And, (a TRUE bonus), there were Mallard Ducks! With their majestic green iridescent heads, they swam lazily in the water, close to the shore. See the pictures below.

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