Daily Art Practice Revisited.

It’s been a long time since my last post. But I’ve started back up with my daily art practice and have things to show. I have found more online resources that are great for learning to draw and paint. One is Creative Live. The classes cost some money but there are some really great teachers. I like Mary Jane Begin the best. The other website I really like is Skillshare. It has a free trial month and some great teachers. The best teacher I found is Marie-Noelle Wurm. The classes are short but packed with great information. They have a place where you can post your work too for each class.

Here are some of the things I have recently drawn

Art Habit: Making Something Everyday

So for a while there I was making something everyday. This in and of itself was motivating. I was encourage as I felt more confident to try harder things. This is watercolor. A tutorial I found online. If you have been reading my posts you know I find a lot of inspiration online. Back to acrylic paints here. I like to work with acrylics better that watercolor. But I would like to try more watercolor in the future. I may take a class. I went back over this painting with more color and this is the finished product. The next paintings I found a specific tutorial called Painting with Jane. She is on YouTube and she is awesome! She walks you through step by step.The second one, the cat, I modified a bit. In the tutorial there was more going on in the painting. There were the eyes, but when I painted them I didn’t like they way they looked. I decided to have the painting be the back of the cat instead. I had so much fun creating these! Look up Painting with Jane she is a lot of fun. If I can do it you can too!

Art Emboldened

So, after attempting some sketches, a lot of sketches, I had a bit more confidence to try some painting. I love color, so I was excited to try this out.

Here is one I did in a class. It was fun because we went on a meditative journey to find our spirit animal. Mine was a horse. I thought oh no, that is way to hard to paint. But I got some help with it and it turned out ok.It was painted on a round piece of wood. I really enjoyed this as a support because the wood absorbs the paint easily. It becomes saturated with the color. It’s very satisfying. After this I was encouraged, so I tried some things on my own. I found these images online and tried to copy them.I found getting a good line difficult in painting as opposed to drawing. I needed to focus on more that one thing at a time, both line and shape. It was a fun challenge! I posted these on facebook and got support from my friends. I have great friends! They allow me to indulge in this form of support seeking. LOL. You too can do this. These are skills you can learn and as I’ve said there are a lot of resources out there. Take one of those Paintings with a Twist classes. I want to do that too. It all gives more joy to life.

Art Delayed

I’ve been gone a while, but still making art. This blog is really an experiment in itself and I don’t seem to be to consistent. It’s a learning process. All that said, here are some of sketches. I have used online tutorials, and different types of techniques for drawing that I have read about or found online.This is a “line” drawing of Iris flowers. I call it a line drawing because I focused on the line of the flowers rather than shapes. These two I focused on using shapes. These were tutorials I found online. Step by step tutorials. It’s been a lot of fun trying these things out. If you are so inclined to begin to learn a new skill like drawing there are a lot of resources online and various books to help. Give it a try! It will enhance your life. 🙂

Art Attempted

Hello All! This past weekend I worked on a piece of mixed media art. The idea of creating this type of art has been rolling around in my head for a while now. I think for me this is a good way to start. There really are no rules when it comes to this type of art making. It’s a good space to practice different skill, like drawing, painting, and composition. I recycled a piece of wood I used for a previous project. I used some special paper and a shape of a bird (Tim Holtz products), plus a flower I drew. Watercolor and acrylic paints and then Mod Podge to put it all together. Here is my attempt with mixed media art. Tell me what you think. 🙂

Spiritual Adventure

This morning, I took another adventure, a different type of adventure. I got up with the chickens and watched the sunrise. I went to a near by park and it happened to have a raised platform. From this vantage point I could watch the growing glow of the sun behind the far away trees. This was a spiritual adventure. My hands freezing and the wind biting my nose and ears, I felt at peace as I watched the sun rising in the East. The early birds sang their spring mating songs, this, the only sound other than the wind.

My creative process requires a connection to nature. Spring in Texas is ideal for the process because it is so beautiful here. The wild flowers bloom, and the leaves in the trees seem to turn green overnight. One day you are awakened out of your winter slumber to an abundance of color and light.

What’s your inspiration?

winter slumber to an abundance of color and life.